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eCopy ShareScan Demo Activator

  • 31-12-2018
  • eCopy
  • Chris Pearce-King
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The ShareScan Demo Activator enables six Connectors to be configured in DEMO mode meaning that a real / live server is not required in order to be able to demonstrate the functionality / workflow. The six Connectors enabled by the Activator are Microsoft SharePoint, iManage Work (formerly Worksite), Documentum, OpenText eDocs (formerly Hummingbird DM), OpenText Content Server (formerly Livelink) and OpenText RightFax (formerly Captaris RightFax).

Please download the attached Demo Activator, Setup Guide and Demo Scripts for each Connector.


Filename Description File size
ShareScan Demo Activator Install FilesShareScan Demo Activator Install Files ShareScan Demo Activator Install Files 3 Mb
Connector Demo ScriptsConnector Demo Scripts Connector Demo Scripts 4 Mb
New iManage LogoNew iManage Logo New iManage Logo 2 kb
ShareScanDemo30Updated Demo Activator for ShaeScan v6.4 ShareScanDemo30 2 Mb